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Corporate Profile

PT. ALISYA KURNIA BEAUTY was established as the owner and management company of Padjadjaran Suites Hotels Group Indonesia. Their first opening was Padjadjaran Suites Hotel & Conference, Jalan Raya Pajajaran, and Bogor.  Padjadjaran Suites Hotel & Conference after successful entry into the market development continued to other strategically places cities around Indonesia. PT. Alisya Kurnia Beauty founded in 2009 with the field of Hotel Business / Hospitality. As the Owner and Management Company, PT. Alisya Kurnia Beauty has subsidiaries in Hospitality and Restaurant, is as follow:

  • PT. Alisya Kurnia Beauty the owner of Padjadjaran Suites Hotel & Conference (PSH), the first Hotel operation in 2012. Located on Jalan Raya Pajajaran No. 17, Bogor in the heart of Bogor City.
    Padjadjaran Suites Hotel & Conference comes with traditional sophisticated concept, presenting local future in a modern minimalist design Hotel. We are highly committed to make our guest feel homey and comfortable.

  • PT. Graha Bogor Sentosa, is a subsidiary of the owner Padjadjaran Suites Resort & Convention Hotel (PRH) and operation in 2015, 2 (two) years after PSH opened. Located on Bogor Inner Ring Road Lot XIX C2 No. 17, Bogor Nirwana Residence.
    Adjacent to the famous the Jungle Water Park and Jungle Fest, it is offers you a beautiful view mountain Salak and Gunung Pangrango, and located in the cool – weathered Bogor.
    PRH comes with traditional sophisticated and as well as a charming resort for family leisure.

  • PT. Arafah Citrarasa Indonesia founded in 2014. The Owner of Brand Arafah Fried Chicken and the Chicken Restaurant. First restaurant to be opened on Jalan Hankam Raya, Bekasi.
    Menu and taste of food in this restaurant has a standard hotel and will provide a different experience from the other restaurant.



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